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Trivia Estate - Draconis

Trivia Estate - Draconis
Trivia Estate - Draconis
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The Trivia estate is one of great diversity as the Trivia bloodline has, for countless generations, passed the mystical, supernatural, spiritual, and esoterical powers on to be realized in this world.  They also invited many apprentices-turned-masters over the centuries; spawning incredible practitioners.  The Trivia estate was so magnificent those who were in the presence of the artifacts from the estate were all quiet and pensive as they encountered the offerings being made available.  There was a hushed and respectful energy for everyone as every artifact revealed tremendous importance and power.  The Trivia estate spans many different paths of magic, many different ideologies & methodologies, and many different levels of expertise as they were all teachers and practitioners.

The Trivia estate is perfect for anyone who wants to earn their place in the journey of magic, who wants to expand their abilities & open new doors for magical growth, and for those who want to work with powerful, magical artifacts of great significance.  There is something inherently beautiful & intriguing about the artifacts as they each hold a unique energy signature, and each writes its own journey with you.  We have been inspired, empowered, and enlightened by the Trivia estate artifacts, as will you from the very moment you touch them.  It's impossible to not be surrounded by the power & influence of the decades and centuries of Trivia magic; earned, mastered, and loved by generations of the Trivia bloodline.

These artifacts span several practitioners from the Trivia estate, each with their own specialities, each with their own brand of magic, and each with their special touch in their creations.  Some of these artifacts were cross-cast by several practitioners and bear powerful influence in paths of magic.  Working with Trivia estate artifacts provide priceless support for your ongoing evolution and a greater opportunity of a tremendous journey.

What will you learn?  What will you discover?  What will you unveil in your journey?  The Trivia estate welcomes you.


This is one of two statues, identical in appearance, but not identical in binding.  This Draconis binding is a well-used artifact that was created by Octavius Trivia; a leader for decades within their community.  This Draconis binding is intended for those who have experience working with powerful forms of ancient magic.  The form of magic is from an early Order who worked with the power of the ancient Dragons.  This ancient order believed that infusion of their blood with Dragon's blood would imbue them with the power to command one of the oldest forms of Draconic magic known; Dracorus.  It originates with the earliest bloodline of Dragons, the Dragons who imparted supernatural powers to the mortals they encountered.

This first statue is the Orcarol Draconis which is the voices of the ancient Dragon spirits.  Octavius created this binding using the instruction passed through generations; a binding which opened the door for hearing the voices of the ancient Dragons who imparted invaluable and priceless knowledge related to some of the most hidden and most powerful secrets of the ancient world.  Octavius began work with the Draconis path early in his journey and by the time he created these two statues he was completely immersed and well-trained in commanding the powers of the ancient Draconic magic.

Working with this binding provides incredible and exciting personal opportunities for you to work with magic beyond anything you've ever known before.  This touches you deep within the core, and allows you to understand ancient paths and wisdom that you would never have access to otherwise.  The statue connects you to the ancient Dragons and allows you to hear their voices and their messages.  They will give you incredible and cherished advice, wisdom, and support.  What they did for Octavius was tantamount to evolving his supernatural power beyond steps he could have taken on his own.

When you want to hear the voices of the ancient Dragons, and have them impart upon you the power Octavius experienced, touch the statue and recite the sacred words very few alive today have ever known.  You will receive the instructions via download with your invoice.

What appears within and around you will be the voices of ancient Dragons who speak only to those who have the sacred words to conjure their power.  This is an extremely powerful artifact with fascinating opportunities for you to reach into the ancient & sacred powers of Draconic wisdom and power.  They will provide you profound and unbelievable advice when it comes to working with your supernatural journey and understanding how to work with ancient power.  They are priceless to work with.

Vessel is vintage, and had a broken wing-tip that was repaired.

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