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Tula Vo Estate - Metaphysician Of Cultural Power - Third Eye Lust

Tula Vo Estate - Metaphysician Of Cultural Power - Third Eye Lust
Tula Vo - Third Eye Lust
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Tula Vo is one of the more enigmatic estates we've worked with. She was a devoted metaphysician who tirelessly sought after the most rare and unusual practices of ancient and forgotten methodologies of magick. She married several times to adventurers who shared her passion of learning more about the world and the magick within. In hindsight her marriages served her far more than they likely did her husbands. She traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East in search for the tribal, ancient, Medieval and forgotten paths of magick that yielded true and uninhibited power. All of her items resonate with her unique blends of magick. She was prolific in her work; constantly creating and trying new things to perfect her craft and seal her place as a permanent influence on the generations of practitioners to come.

She vigorously went after anything that spoke of power, magickal prowess, and evolution to higher states of self-development and reliance. She wanted to achieve full independence in her work and be able to command anything and everything she desired. Her estate consisted of hundreds of magickal amulets and items that all sold individually because each was unique; even if it was a subtle difference. Her estate looked exactly like a world traveler with items spanning decades and centuries of countries, civilizations and tribes throughout the world. She practiced multiple religious and spiritual paths and merged them into her own understanding and reality of belief.

All of her items bear her tremendous magickal mark in energy. She was courageous when it came to magick. She forged ahead where others were curious but nervous, she was willing to experiment with ancient texts to discover the meaning and real result behind the magick, and she boldly cast ancient rituals that gave no true explanation of the results. She believed endlessly and tirelessly in the power of magick and she wanted to experience the best of the magickal world in her life.

We were enormously lucky enough to secure a good portion of her estate and procure both some of the most powerful and most interesting of her estate's magickal amulets. Her supernatural gift as a metaphysician comes to life in these amulets of unique and mystical presence.

All of her estate bindings are truly exceptional and incomparable in their living magickal energy!

Third Eye Lust

Tula Vo explored the power and passion of the Third Eye, and she loved using Third Eye abilities to explore the passions and lusts that motivate and keep true the inner sanctum of true self.  There is a fascinating connection which is explored through this potion that brings visions, dreams, revelations, and telepathic connections with the Third Eye.  Tula Vo crafted this potion to be a way to feel and explore the Third Eye from simple recognition all the way to complete control.  Through work with the potion, it brings incredible opportunities for you to understand and explore the magic that exists within the Third Eye.  This potion is an exploration of power, and understanding the connection with lust; what the heart wants, the mind, the soul, and Destiny.  Tula Vo created a potion that speaks volumes to your Third Eye and ways you can make the most of knowing what rests at the center of all you want to know.

The potion allows you to work with the power of lust and find passion behind everything that you do.  The potion brings you a strong bond with your Third Eye and allows you to realize and open the door to possibilities that can offer you changes or variances within your life and Destiny.  The potion makes your Third Eye stronger and brings out the ability for you to understand and work with magic on every level.  The potion grants you vibrant and vivid visions that strengthen your Third Eye and allows you to continual grow and strengthen your ability to receive and process information through your Third Eye.

This potion provides incredible foundation and opportunity for you to expand your Third Eye and explore the lust and desire that sits within all facets of self.  This potion is a way for you to appreciate and understand what you can do and how you can explore power in every possible way when working with spells, magic, rituals, ceremonies, meditation, and simple quiet time.  There is incredible power that comes from working with this potion, and Tula Vo made sure this potion was carefully-crafted and provided incredible intensity for waking and strengthening the capablities of the Third Eye.

The more you work with this potion, the more you can expand what exists for your Third Eye and all that helps you mobilize your power.  Tula Vo created this incredible bond with the Third Eye that provides constant and ongoing power to strengthen the Third Eye.

You can use any topical oil or perfume you wish, and you should fill the bottle most of the way.  Then hold the bottle and recite the following:

Sight of all that cannot be seen

Wisdom of the universe abounds

Power reaches from all

Wakes me with sight for power

Third Eye wisdom and control

Shine gifts within and upon me

Once recited, the potion is immediately ready for use, and you should apply a dab of potion to the Third Eye area and the crown of your head.  You should sit for at least 5 minutes upon application of the potion to receive important and valuable information about your lusts and desires, and how they fall in line with your Destiny.  If you want to strengthen your Third Eye permanently, you should use the potion at least 4 times a month, but not more than twice in a week.

Vessel is vintage.

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