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Unique Offerings

All of our unique offerings are something bejeweled, beautiful, creative, or special. While they may not always be jewelry, they are always special and exciting in their own way. These magic amulets are hand-selected for their inspiration to the magic spell or enchantment cast upon them. Our unique offerings are part of what makes Creepy Hollows special, we always go above & beyond to create lifetime pieces that will enhance and inspire you every step of your journey through magic.
Spell For Ancient Channeling Of Mystic Grace
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This is a complex and empowering enchantment that is based in ancient Egyptian magic. This pyramid is a beacon for mystic grace, spiritual power, and connection to the ethereal DNA. The purpose of these enchantments is to give you a solid Channel through which you can receive and absorb ancient energy that will guide you through development and evolution of your supernatural abilities. The Egyptians believed in the power of the Immortals and their sway on mortal life, this pyramid is a beacon which allows those divine and ethereal powers to come through.

Our price: $155.00
Market price: $1225.00 save 87%
Spell to Awaken the Power of Enlightenment & Ascension
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This is an intricate and evolutionary binding which offers you the opportunity to grow and develop your own connection and bond with the physical, spiritual and ethereal which exists in the Universe. The symbol itself acting as a foundation for the principles of the physical universe and providing a protective channel for you to work with the divine paths of power which you can obtain.

Our price: $195.00
Market price: $325.00 save 40%
Summon, Conjure, Bind, Charge, Portal, Gateway, Absorb, 1000s Of Bindings
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This does it all. It is a one-stop tool for you in everything you want to do! This is a support tool for a lifetime :) It will do everything you need to have a successful and powerful journey in the paranormal. These took months to create and they are extremely powerful. They resonate with energy simply from the content of bindings on the vessel. This is a master's tool of the trade and you will find this accompanies you throughout all paths.

Our price: $899.00
Market price: $9000.00 save 90%