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Vessel Replacement Policy

We have all had a vessel break or have lost a vessel and been unable to repair or retrieve it. This happens to all collectors whether they are novice or well-seasoned. We offer free transmution of your spirit into a new vessel for all Class 5, and above for spirits & spells. For class 3, 2 and 1 we do this at an extremely discounted rate. This applies to a vessels you purchase through the Creepy Hollows shop which are attached to jewelry or gemstones. The replacement vessel will be determined by what is available, and if it is a spirit, what the spirit chooses to be re-homed in. In most cases we try to find something comparable to what was lost; this excludes one-of-a-kind items in the haunted estate or magick jewelry categories as they cannot be replicated. In the case of a one-of-a-kind, gold jewelry, or haunted estate we will replace with a sterling vessel. We will replace your lost or broken vessel for the same binding twice in a lifetime, after that the cost would be $5 per binding. We will only replace up to a total of 15 bindings per collector, per lifetime. If you exceed the 15 bindings per lifetime, it is $5 per binding over the 15.

If you have many bindings go missing or are broken due to a situation beyond your control, we can rebind everything to a master vessel for you. You will need to write into Helpdesk to negotiate a fee for the rebinding of a massive number of bindings. .