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Wealth & Prosperity Magic Jewelry

Prosperity means many things in life, and for most of us we experience many different types of prosperous blessings through our lifetimes. These charms, enchantments, and spells awaken us to many possibilities where wealth, prosperity, and fulfillment can be achieved through our many different paths of life. We offer a broad range of magic amulets that help draw prosperity to your life through money, new opportunities, games of chance, promotions & advancement in your career, blessings in your personal life, and all the things that make us feel rich in our lives.
Nectar of the Gods Spell - Prosperity, Harmony, Good Luck, Self-Empowerment
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A very powerful blend of magickal power and energies which hail from the powers of several ancient Immortal Channels, including Grecian, Mayan, Lemurian, Atlantean, Egyptian, and Hindu.  This is such a refreshing and rejuvenating enchantment that brings a blend of the most cherished magickal energies and powers which relate to you messages, visions, telepathic information, and support for you to immerse yourself in the total awakening and empowerment of who you are, what you can do, and how you can follow the right paths of Destiny for success and fulfillment in yoru life.

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Spell of the Red Dragon - Power of Wealth, Prosperity, Protection
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This amazing vessel is perfect for this powerful binding.  This interactive and potent enchantment is an amazing connection for you to invite and absorb many different levels of supernatural prosperity.  The Red Dragon holds many bonds to the many different paths of prosperity that can be achieved throughout life.  Through work with the Red Dragon enchantment you identify more readily the powers of wealth, good luck, prosperity, bounty, etc.  This enchantment is woven with many forms of European Red Dragon spells which touch upon every aspect of opportunity.  You will love the enlightenment that comes with working with ths enchantment.

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