Spell For Werewolf Energy to Surround Yourself With The Supernatural
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This is a binding of Werewolf energy, not the spirit of a Werewolf. This is a mesmerizing & energizing, Dark Arts spell that surrounds you with the buzzing power of the supernatural! You will experience bursts of energy and strength related to your 3 bodies (Astral, Earthen, Spiritual). It is a tenacious and elevating force that can stimulate the senses. You will have strengthened abilities to feel, see, hear, smell, and interact within the 3 bodies. The spell binding gives you the power to project & use incredible force when working in matters related to protection and security. This is the pathway for you to realize more of what you're capable of than ever before! Each burst can last up to 12-24 hours, or you can leave it activated all the time to make it work for you intuitively (as needed).

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Vampire, Werewolf, & Wraith Trait Fusion Spell
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This hybrid binding is a fusion of the powers & gifts of the Vampire, Werewolf, & Wraith. It combines with great effectiveness the charm, persuasion, protection, veracity, self-confidence, & supernatural power of the three.

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Werewolf Mission - Energy, Power, Strength
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This binding is for those who feel a connection to the Werewolves. Whether you have Werewolf in your blood, in a past life, or you feel some connection to them for no, apparent reason! This binding brings you the traits of Werewolves; instinct, intuition, predatory flexibility, reading character, empowering all your sense, finding strength & endurance, being more in tune with the energy around you. This is a great binding to help you to develop the empowering traits of Werewolves which allows you to further a DA path.

Our price: $360.00