Working With Intuitive Magick

Bindings Intended to Work Automatically for You

If you have spell bindings that do not have specific instructions and instead work intuitively/automatically on your behalf, there are a myriad of ways you can work with the power of the magick.

When magick is intended to work automatically/intuitively for you, that means the magick becomes active immediately when its power can assist you in any event, situation, or endeavor.  This means the magick does not require Code Words, an activation phrase, or invocation.  The magick applies immediately to the degree it is capable, or is appropriate to the situation.

Intuitive and automatic bindings are intended to apply themselves whenever appropriate.  Their magick will automatically apply to a situation, event or endeavor of magick that you are working with.  The magick of the automatically becomes part of whatever is going on around you.

You can also opt to work with the magick on your own at any time.  Here are a few ways you can actively work with bindings of magick.

Quiet Time

Take a few minutes to sit in quiet reflection with the binding.  Think about the spell you want to work with, and how you want it to support your endeavors.  Having time for quiet reflection can go a long way to bonding and working with the magick and its power.  Allow the energy of the magick to surround you.


Focus your mind & energy on the name of the spell, or the intent of the spell.  The power of focus is strong and it helps you move all of your energy into a single point of power that activates the spell's energies.  Visualize and think about the manifestation of the magick.

Third Eye

Use your Third Eye to connect with the spell and its magickal energies.  Allow the Third Eye to be a part of the process of working with the spell & its power.  Allow your Third Eye to provide you support & feedback.  Your Third Eye can bring you ideas and creative insight for utilizing the spell and its magickal power.

Free Thinking

Take a moment to focus on the spell's name or intent, and then allow your creative thinking process to take over.  Sometimes engaging in free thinking can bring about some exciting and unexpected insights about how the spell can best be utilized now, or in the future.


Think about the name of the spell, or its intent, and then channel your energy towards the magick.  Gather your energy from within, even your 3 bodies, and push that energy towards the spell & its magick.  That can go a long way to manifestation of its power and intention within your journey.  Channeling is very effective for bonding with magick, and gaining greater personal connections.

Audio Bonding

Whether its your favorite playlist, sounds of nature, or any other enjoyable audible, incorporating the power of sound can be a great way for you to create a unique bond with the magick and discover new ways you can work with the magick and its power in your life.  You may come to associate certain sounds or songs with spells & create an immediate manifestation of magick that way.

Timed Event

You can work with time in several ways with magick.  You can set certain times of the day when you engage with your spells, or a certain binding.  You can set a timer and commit an intense session of working with magick, and repeat it daily or a few times a week.  With intense sessions, you can set 2-5 minutes a day, and the more you engage with the magick, the more intense the subsequent sessions can become.  When utilizing this method, make sure you are 110% committed to the energy of the magick in each session.

Aroma Magick

Utilizing draws like incense, candles, wax melts, etc can help you open up all of your senses, and invite new ways for working with spells & magick.  You can use herbs or scents associated with the type of magick, or you can create your own connections at a personal level.  When you engage your senses with magick, it can provide a stimulation on multiple levels, and through your 3 bodies, as you work with the magick or spell.

Magick for Others

If you are working with a spell and its magick is something you share with someone else, then you should spend time focusing on that person.  Whether it's a love spell that you're utilizing with a lover, or a good luck spell for work, or a peace spell for family - taking that time to really visualize their faces, focus on their names, or visualize situations you want to manifest to happen, will do wonders for you in working with your magickal bindings.

Sleep Cycle

Your 3 bodies do a lot during your sleep cycle.  While your Earthen body may be setting its physical self, your 3 bodies are at work within their respective Realms.  Therefore, working with a little time of focus, thinking, and visualizing the magick you want to use as you sleep, or you need for the next day, can do a lot while you are in your sleep cycle.  Take a moment before bed to relax and focus on your magick.

Work Break

Even taking a matter of moments during your busy day to have a break and focus on the magick you want to use, can do a lot to the bonding and manifestation of magick.  Take a moment to think about the name of the spell, or its intent & application, and allow the energy of the magick to surround you and support you.  It will do a lot to help you connect with magick through the day & bond at multiple points.

Spirits, Entities, Immortals

If you are a Spirit, Entity, or Immortal Keeper, then you can ask your family to give you feedback, insight, and support in your magickal endeavors.  You can give them permission to help you in your magickal endeavors, and utilize magickal bindings that you have on your behalf.  It's up to you to give them the permission and create an interactive environment.  They can give you their unique insight and perspective with magick.


You can have a Servitor programmed to help you in work with your magick and bindings.  Servitors can be a great support to you in activating and utilizing magick to the best extent for any situation or endeavor.  Servitors can be programmed to work with specific bindings, or can be programmed to help you with any magick you have, cast, or work with.