Working With Services

How to Use the Magick Energy of Services

Services provide magickal energy that can apply to any, or all, of your 3 bodies.  In most cases, the energy applies to all 3 of your bodies, and is permanent.  If the magickal energy is specific to a body, or is temporary, we will provide that information in the listing.

The magickal energy provided to you through the service is intended for use in relation to its purpose.  For example, a service can provide magickal energy for Astral Traveling, and would be utilized when you engage in Astral Travel via mediation or sleep cycle.  Or, a service can provide magickal energy for boosting your endeavors with good luck, and would be utilized when you engage in work with any good luck spell or ritual, or work with a spirit, entity, or Immortal who has power associated with good luck.  These are a few examples of the endless possibilities in magickal energy and utilization.  Services provide the conduit and support of the magick you wish to work with, develop, or manifest.  They provide a supportive backbone for your endeavors in work with the supernatural, spiritual, and magickal.

Magickal energy provided via a service will automatically apply to a situation, event or endeavor of magick that you are working with, via your 3 bodies and within the 3 Realms.  The magick energy automatically becomes part of whatever is going on around you as related to its specific power.

You can also opt to work with the magick energy on your own at any time.  Here are a few ways you can actively work with the magick energy provided by services.

Quiet Time

Take a moment of quiet thinking and allow the energy to take root through your 3 bodies, and reveal its manifestation to you.  Having time for quiet reflection can go a long way to working with, and manifesting, magick.  Allow the energy of the magick to surround you before you work with any spell, ritual, or magickal endeavor.


Before you engage and work with your magickal, spiritual, or supernatural endeavor, focus your mind & energy on the magickal energy provided to you.  Visualizing and think about the manifestation of the magick you are working with, can help you channel the energy from your service, and utilize its influence for your endeavor.

Third Eye

Use your Third Eye to connect with the magickal energy.  Allow the Third Eye to be a part of the process of working with the energy & any magickal endeavor.  Allow your Third Eye to provide you support & feedback.  Your Third Eye can bring you ideas and creative insight for utilizing the magickal energy & working with your supernatural, spiritual, or magickal endeavors.

Free Thinking

Take a moment to focus on the magickal energy provided to you & its intent, and then allow your creative thinking process to take over.  Sometimes engaging in free thinking can bring about some exciting and unexpected insights about how the magickal energy can best be utilized now, or in the future.

Spirits, Entities, Immortals

If you are a Spirit, Entity, or Immortal Keeper, then you can give them permission to help you in your magickal endeavors, and utilize the magickal energy on your behalf.  It's up to you to give them the permission and create an interactive environment.  They can give you their unique insight and perspective with magick.


You can have a Servitor programmed to help you in work with your magick and bindings.  Servitors can be a great support to you in activating and utilizing magick to the best extent for any situation or endeavor.  Servitors can be programmed to work with specific bindings, or can be programmed to help you with any magick you have, cast, or work with.