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Your Move Spell - Walk the Other Dimensions

Your Move Spell - Walk the Other Dimensions
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Stretch those legs and take a walk with the entities of other dimensions... or perhaps known by their earthly moniker the "aliens".

No, not the men from Mars, but just as foreign. They need no passport they have access to our plane just as surely as we have access to theirs.

They only have access to you as long as you are holding or wearing the amulet. Once it is removed from your body the door is closed and you will not be able to see, hear or feel them.

There are a great many things we can learn about ourselves, the world around us, and just have a blast with out-of-this-world companions!

You should know that when you invite them in you may have things that are moved, hear noises you aren't familiar with, etc but they are friendly and are not going to cause you any harm.


Activation Code Word: Supia (Soo-pay-ah)

Deactivation Code Word: Thya (Thee-ah)


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