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What's Your Sign?

Sure, it's a cheesy pickup line from the 1970s but it really is important to know what your sign is!  Your astrological sign, your Chinese zodiac sign, your Huestrology report, and your Life Path Number.  The month you were born in, the year you were born in, your Rising Sign, your Sun Sign, your Life Path Number, your date of birth & time of birth, they are all important factors in learning who you are and what you can expect from this life.

Our birth charts and astrological reports provide you the best information possible to help you understand your place in the world and the amazing strengths you possess that set you apart from everyone else. 

Huestrology is a word, and methodology, created by Ash & Magnolia West of Creepy Hollows.  Huestrology is also known as Color Astrology or Colorstrology, take the Zodiac Colors and give you a brief synopsis of how the Universe influences who you are. Huestrology tells you your birth color, and the personality, and behavioral, associations related to that color. It is a birthday astrology. It is a snapshot reading of you, and the energy associated with your birthday.  In Huestrology even one day makes a difference between the inherited traits, behaviors, and personality.

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