Spell Books, Spirit Keeping Books, Potions, Book of Shadow, Grimoire

Witchcraft books have long been considered powerful collections of existing knowledge that have been collected for decades. Such books contained all the known information about witchcraft, potions recipes, spells, rituals. Knowledge was recorded in these books in order to save them and give to successors. In addition, such books are still a convenient way to systematize the available knowledge in order to keep everything in one place.

Books that are sources of such knowledge are widespread nowadays, too. However, they are hidden. The Creepy Hollows store offers a unique opportunity to purchase such books. Having become acquainted with magical rituals, practical witchcraft, having studied the ways of using your abilities to interact with spirits, you can significantly increase the luggage of knowledge, gain new experience and practice magic on a completely new level. In addition, there are not only books on magic, but also spirit keeping books and books for writing spells and potions. You create this book yourself, filling it only with what you need. Such a book will become your own book of shadows, which will safely store your experience.  Books do not have any further discounts.