Creature Spirit Companions

If you have always dreamed of being nearer to an unknown and communicating with different creatures, but did not know how to do it, then we are ready to offer you a solution to this problem. In this section, you will find special spells aimed at invoking essences from other worlds. Using such magic, you can easily not only summon spirits such as Alya, Arkan Sonney, Chinese Fox, Hippogryphs, Gnomes, Gryphons, Leprechauns, Mermaids, Mermen, Unicorns, Watchers, Pegasus, Phoenix and many others, but also create a strong connection between creature spirits. Also, here you can purchase natural gemstones spirited by creatures, charged with their energy and magic. They will be indispensable when you need to tune into the wave you want, they will help you perk up, if something goes wrong, as well as serve as a beautiful amulet from the dark forces. With these pure gemstones, you will always feel safe, and the presence of magical creatures will also give you a sense of security. Do not forget to take care about entities and organize for them a place to rest. Presented in our store Charging Box is able to be the right place that ensures creatures to be healthy and full of beans.