Moon Lunar Spells Bindings

In this section you will find everything that is related to the magic of the moon, with the lunar energy and its phases. After all, the moon, as the closest space object to Earth and its companion, has tremendous power and has a strong influence on many processes taking place on our planet. Most of them are related to the mechanism of ebbs and tides, which our ancient ancestors guessed, focusing on the Moon in their daily life and magical rituals. Magical moon spells have great power, if they are used correctly and at the right time.

Here the spells for different lunar phases are shown. You can find spells for a full lunar cycle that will give you self-confidence, strength and support of lunar energy. Spells, specially used only on the full moon, will help you to get rid out of unnecessary things, to renew yourself. The lunar spells presented here are also capable to attract love. Available amulets are filled with lunar energy, which is perfect for personal growth in all spheres of life. Just check the catalogue to see more.

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