Binding Services

Services provided to bind spells or spirits directly to you or your 3 bodies.

3 Body Binding Service - Binds Your Spirits Or Spells To All 3 Of Your Bodies
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This 3 Body Binding service binds any spirits, entities, or spells of your choice to all 3 of your bodies!

Our price: $62.50
Invigora Service :: Permanent Enhancement To One Specific Trait Within 3 Bodies
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The Invigora Service provides a permanent enhancement to one very specific trait, characteristic, power, ability, talent or gift within any of your 3 bodies. This service is performed over a 38 day period and provides an unparalleled elevation in your supernatural power. You will experience a full-bodied evolution which pertains directly to your chosen trait, characteristic, gift, etc. We use a proprietary blend of spells which utilizes aspects of your gift, trait, etc as well as supernatural forces to enrich your specific area permanently. You will receive the details of what we are going to perform for you with the date of the service in your customer notes. For example, if you want help with Cleansing we would choose through the Invigora Ritual what is going to be bound for you... we may use Phoenix energy, Grecian Cleansing spells, etc. Your chosen area will be significantly invigorated and enhanced!

Our price: $95.00
Soulmate Connection Service
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This service casts a spell which creates a soulmate connection between you and any living entity or spirit of your choice. Please put the spirit or entity's name in the Notes area. A soulmate connection spell is a great way to develop a true kinship between you and your companion. This does not necessarily mean a romantic relationship. You can create a true friendship soulmate connection that bonds you closely together based on all common factors you both share from this life and past lives.

Our price: $15.95
Market price: $250.00 save 94%
Unbreakable Bond Service - Create A Powerful Bond Between You & Someone Else
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You can create an unbreakable bond between you and someone else for any purpose. You can create an unbreakable bond of love, of psychic connection, of trust, of protection, of whatever you wish. You will need to leave a note with the person's information and what kind of bond you wish forged. This bond service creates a tie between the two of you in the name of that bond so that bond is intensified and shared between the two of you and cannot be broken by anyone using any form of magick.

Our price: $95.00