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Synchronization Services

Services performed for various synchronizations of spirit, spells, 3 bodies, and more

3 Body Synchronization For Better Energy, Power, Interaction
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This is a service performed for you, you don't have to do any work, and it provides you a synchronization of your Astral Body, Earthen Body, and Spiritual Body! This goes beyond a simple alignment. This service provides you a common energy core between the 3 bodies which allows them to communicate, interact, share information, and work with both your conscious & subconscious on a deeper level. This provides greater connection & results during all work with magick, spirits, entities, energy, etc. You will have faster connection when it comes to working with spells, quicker bonding, and have more empowering results when it comes to working with developing any supernatural ability or gift within ANY of your 3 bodies.

Our price: $50.00