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Chinese Spells Bindings

Magic in China has always occupied a firm place in all spheres of life. The life of a Chinese from conception to death lies in limits of countless magical conventions, which for centuries have remained almost unchanged. Magical methods in China are created in details. Faith in the power of symbols, letters and written words plays a dominant role in Chinese magic. For example, if you swallow the ashes of a note on which a spell or the formula of exorcism was written, then in any illnesses comes a recovery, misfortune recedes and happiness is achieved. A written word has the strongest magical power. Therefore, amulets of parchment or paper with written sayings are widely distributed in China.

In all houses in China you can find images with references and other texts. Not only written amulets exist in China, but also a variety of talismans of any type. Such Chinese spells, amulets, talismans from ancient and modern Chinese civilizations are presented in our online store. Every magic object in our catalogue has its own power, and you have just to choose the proper one for you. Feel the magic, touch the mystery.

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