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Victory, Karma, Justice Magic Jewelry

We all search for balance in our lives, the ability to stand up for what we want, and the power to find justice when we are wronged. These enchantments are all focused on victory, balance, harmony, karma, and justice within all areas of our lives. Each of these spells reflects balance, strength, and the assertive power we need to seek the results we want from our journeys.
Powerful Amulet With Spells For Protection, Curse Removal, & Dynamic Shielding
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This amulet contains a potent spellblend for protective measures of many kinds! It protects against malicious spirits, unbounds, entities, energy, magick, curses, hexes, evil eyes, psychic attacks, and provides continual blockage to any threat that can come through via the Spiritual or Astral Realm via naturally occurring portals. Portals can open and close naturally anywhere in the world and can allow various entities, spirits, magick, and energy through. This is a standing protection against these from impacting you in any way.

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