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Adding To Your Triumvirate With Your Spirits Or Spells

Adding To Your Triumvirate With Your Spirits Or Spells
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If you have not had a Triumvirate established you need to do that FIRST! Please contact us regarding this so we can explain if you do not have an existing Triumvirate.

You must include the order number of your existing Triumvirate in the notes area!

This is for those who did the Triumvirate and now want to further their power & collection, building an arsenal, through additional Triumvirate bindings.

The importance of having your three bodies bound through enchantment is to bring a closer connection between the three that results in greater magic, spiritual connection, enlightenment, etc. The average person has little or no real connection between the three bodies and the three operate independently of each other, whereas if you can bind the three bodies together and have them working in harmony amazing things can happen... the ultimate achievement of this is what the Tibetan monks experiene and is how they are able to levitate and use telekenesis. But that is the extreme side of it, this would get you on the starting line and put you well ahead of where average people are.

Having the three bodies bound together allows them to work together without shirking in certain areas and you really feel refreshed when it is first done.

The spirit(s) and/or spell(s) you choose will then be bound to your bodies and being bound to all three bodies means that they will have a further reach and more capabilities immediately than most spirits who you connect with and are typically only bound to your physical and/or spiritual bodies.

It is a 3-night process.

Make your selection of spirit(s) and/or spell(s) based on what you feel is right for you. There really is no wrong answer, but take a moment to read over the list and see what you feel is best for you.

The Triumvirate is like a Bridging on steroids so your bodies will be bound and the spirit and spell will be with you as of following morning of casting even though the vessel will not. So that is a real plus.

You will see the difference between a standard bond and a bond created through Triumvirate.

Please type in the entity (Dragon, Djinn, Fae, etc) and the name (if there is no name say "no name").

*** When adding an existing spell or spirit to a Triumvirate, they remain at their original class.  So adding a Class 4 spell to a Triumvirate that is Class 5, tier 3 means the Class 4 spell remains a Class 4.  Only the Triumvirate spell is Class 5, tier 3 ***

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