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Illuminatis :: The Light Of Transformation Through Consciousness

Illuminatis :: The Light Of Transformation Through Consciousness
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Illuminatis is our new service that provides you a lighted path to the adoption and utilization of the Consciousness of your choice. Despite the 21st century being an information age, it can be nearly impossible to find the right information when it comes to the paranormal. This service is multi-purpose and you will select what kind of Consciousness you would like. You can order as many as you wish as they can work collectively & simultaneously, or you can work with them one-on-one.

You can activate and deactivate any of the Illuminatis Consciousness' as needed.

The service performed provides you the immediate & direct access to the Consciousness of your selection. You will receive a binding that is the booster and tool to unlock and lock the Consciousness as desired. When you activate a Consciousness it will be a veil over your own consciousness which you can see through with your 3 bodies. For example, if you choose an Academic Consciousness of a Marid Djinn you will see, feel, understand, and process everything around you (including your own thoughts & ideas) through the Consciousness of a Marid Djinn. This is an extremely rare & complicated service that provides you the unique ability to experience what it's like to be in the mind & reality of another species!

Academic Consciousness

Provides you the memories, ideas, and reality of the race of entity you selected. You will process information that comes from within yourself (thoughts, dreams, ideas, etc) through the Consciousness of the race of entity you selected, as well as processing all information that you see around you in your daily life. You will feel what it's like to have the Consciousness & reality of another species. This vastly aids in the ability to learn, evolve, and become more powerful in your own path; paranormal & daily life. It also allows you to understand what it would truly be like if you were one of the species. You can build incredible bonds of kinship and solidarity by using this service as you will be able to communicate and interact with them on a far more personal level. You will know what it's like to be in their shoes as close as possible without actually being one of their species.

You will have a veil of their Consciousness over your own reality so you will see what it's like, think like them, and comprehend everything about yourself & your own reality through their eyes. You see the world & everything in it through the prism of another species.

Apprentice Consciousness

If you want to learn about a certain path of magick, or you want to be an apprentice to someone who has vast knowledge in what you want to be, this Consciousness is a connection to those who want to teach you. Through this Consciousness you will have guidance, assistance, and knowledge beyond what you could find on your own. You will have those within the species of your choice to teach you and nurture you related to their own abilities and powers in their species. You may have one teacher, you may have several, as this Consciousness focuses solely on your ability to study, learn, and evolve.

Each species has their own talents, abilities, and gifts... they will be the teacher to you as specific to their powers. For example, you can apprentice to a Sanguine Vampire if you wanted to strengthen your predatory, seductive, confidence, or strategic skills. Or, you can apprentice to a Bronwyn Angel if you want to strengthen your omniscience & omnipresence. These are short examples as each race has their own, expansive resources & abilities.

You can apprentice to more than one species at a time, and you can activate and deactivate this Consciousness as best fits your path.

The Code Words will be unique to you for the activation & deactivation of the Consciousness you select. You will receive these Code Words in the customer notes area of your order history, or emailed to you if you check out anonymously.

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