Portable Cloaking Stones

Portable Cloaking Stones
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These stones utilize CH's proprietary Cloaking binding, but you can turn any vessel (bag, box, pouch, etc) into a CH Cloaking Box using one of these stones!

Simply place the stone into any vessel and activate the binding with the Code Word "Agarai" (Ah-gah-ray).  

Leave the stone in the vessel and place any spirited, spelled, or empty vessels you wish cloaked into the vessel as well.  When you are done you can deactivate the stone with the Code Word "Zedot" (Zee-dot).  

You can turn any vessel into a CH Cloaking Box/Bag/Cupboard permanently or temporarily.  It will cloak any spirited or spelled vessel of White Arts, Dark Arts, or Neutral Arts, or any energy-infused vessel.  

Cloaking means that no one will be able to detect the supernatural properties of the vessel as long as the Cloaking stone and the spirited, spelled, or magical vessel is in with the Cloaking Stone.

They are conveniently portable so you can take these stones with you if you're going to work, on the road, or need flexibility!

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